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Little Canada News 2017

Tuesday 5th September 2017


All have arrived safely at Little Canada. They have unpacked, everyone is in good spirits and they are all excited about the week ahead.

Please keep an eye out for further news as the week progresses.

Wednesday 6th September 10.30 am

All had a good night and Mrs Windsor was very impressed with how well they settled. Lots of fun things today to keep them very busy.

Sorry for the delay... the website was having a few issues this morning!


Thursday 7th - 12.27pm

All had a great day yesterday. They enjoyed quad biking, giant swing, Matrix and All aboard activities. They are thoroughly enjoying themselves and making the most of it.

Reports are coming in that they are all sleeping well... even the staff!


Thursday 7th 1.30 pm Direct from the Isle of Wight

I have managed to get online for an up to date report from the island. The children are having a fabulous time and are all in really good spirits. They are throwing themselves into everything and giving all the activities their best best effort.

This morning started at 7.00 with me waking them all up after a really good night's sleep. Breakfast was a feast of cereal, porridge, yoghurt, bacon, scrambled egg, baked beans and toast - they are definitely not going hungry!

The rest of the morning was spent taking part in the trapeze and a challenge course involving many very difficult obstacles. The trapeze involved climbing extremely high and then jumping off to swing from a trapeze bar. It was wonderful to see them all having a go - some getting further than others, and being cheered on by the rest of their group.

This afternoon we are off to do abseiling and the sensory trail followed by the disco this evening. I will endeavour to get back online this evening for more news from the island.

In the meantime it's a big thumbs up from here!

Ms Bidois

Friday 8th 7.18 am Direct from the island

Sorry no update last night, but computer unavailable hence here bright and early this morning! Another peaceful night - what great sleepers your children are! They are now busy getting ready for the last morning - packing their cases and stripping their beds! Such domestic bliss!

After breakfast it's climbing and zip-wire which they are all looking forward to. The weather here is not as bad as forecast, so hopefully we won't get too wet.

Last night was the disco which they enjoyed and we saw some lovely moves going on on the dance floor. Abseiling and sensory trail were fab, but get those washing machines ready as they did get rather muddy on sensory trail crawling through the muddy stream!

Be assured that they all happy and having a ball, but looking forward to seeing you there at the dock this afternoon. Look out for your ParentMail letting you know when the ferry leaves.

Have a great day everyone and see you later. Over and out!

Ms Bidois