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Avon Tyrrell news

Monday 10th September, 7.00 pm.

We have had a great afternoon 'problem solving' and getting our rooms organised. There were many lessons on bed making! 

We managed to get to the dining hall after a slight problem with the code for the door, but we got there in the end. Everyone particularly enjoyed the jelly and ice cream! 

We are now waiting to go on our 'night walk' and then to bed. 

We will update the website in the morning, when hopefully we will all have had a reasonable amount of sleep!  

Tuesday 11th September, 7.12 am

All settled reasonably quickly and asleep by 10.30 - not bad for a first night! Looking forward to lots of activities today including archery, tree climbing and bushcraft or ICT. Breakfast is at 8.30 so will be time to wake them up soon! 

More updates later. 

Tuesday 11th September, 11.35 pm

A really fabulous day has been had by all - definitely something for everyone, although the tree climbing proved particularly popular. Lots of laughter today and a good early night with all lights out by 9.30! Sorry for the lateness of the entry on the website, but it has been full on and this has been the first chance to get on-line. Everyone sends their love. More to come tomorrow.


Wednesday 12th September, 8.05 am

Another good night and just getting ready for breakfast. Niamh says 'We're having a really good time and the coding was really good.' Dylan says his favourite thing was tree climbing, but it was very difficult! 

We will try and get something on the website a bit earlier today! 

A big cheery goodbye from all of us - breakfast is calling. 

Wednesday 12th September, 6.50 pm

As I write this Mrs Windsor and Mrs Cunningham are busy carrying out room inspection! I have to say that on the whole they have kept their rooms reasonably tidy and the year 5 boys have enjoyed making use of Henry Hoover to keep their carpets in check. 

Today's activities have been enjoyed by all with coding proving very popular, as well as kayaking. 

Tonight we are having a quiet night as everyone is very tired. Some of us will be settling to a DVD, while others make use of the games room. Edward says hello and so does Charlie. 

I will update you later once everyone is in bed. 


Wednesday 12th September, 9.50 pm

All in bed now, having enjoyed a lovely relaxed evening. We have been so impressed by all your children and their amazing achievements this week. To see them conquering their fears is just fantastic and we are so proud of each and every one of them. You are going to really enjoy hearing about their week. 

More news tomorrow. 

Thursday 13th September, 6.00 am

Good morning from Avon Tyrrell. Another good night and still all sleeping peacefully! They have all been great about settling at lights out and sleeping through which is obviously a great blessing. 

We have raft building today which we are really looking forward to and then tonight it's the campfire. It doesn't seem possible that we have reached our final full day already. We will definitely be making the most of it. 

More news later. 


Thursday 13th September, 10.00 pm

Our last full day has flown by and everyone enjoyed the raft building and being on the water again. The rafts proved extremely effective and kept everyone afloat. Unfortunately, they didn't keep everyone dry! There were some very soggy children, but they loved it. 

This evening we made our way to the campfire and had a great time toasting marshmallows and singing silly songs. The walk back to the lodges in the dark was fun too. 

All now in bed after the final room inspection and settled for the night. Looking forward to orienteering in the morning followed by a picnic on the lawn. They are all looking forward to seeing you tomorrow so get those hugs ready. 


Friday 14th September, 6.10 am

Good morning to you all. Another peaceful night! This morning we have the fun task of working out who owns which socks, towels, shoes and torches! Our bags have to be packed and removed from the lodges by 10.00, so wish us luck. Once this is done we can start on the orienteering course and get ready to say goodbye to Avon Tyrrell. 

The children are looking forward to seeing you at 1.00 and so are the staff!! We have had the best week and there has been so much laughter. It is definitely not a week I will forget in a hurry thanks to your children and the way they have thrown themselves into everything, so thank you for trusting us to take them away. 

Goodbye for now - packing to be done!