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Creative curriculum

Creative Curriculum


In line with National Curriculum expectations, and ensuring a clear development of skill,  the school has a two year rolling programme of learning themes. 


Our Foundation stage curriculum reflects the topics  of Key Stage One but is more flexible to reflect our child centred approach to learning. The themes take into consideration our children’s interests, as well as local, national and global issues and cover all areas of the curriculum. We aim to foster a life-long love of learning, through adopting a highly practical, skills, knowledge and cross-curricular based approach to learning. We want to spark joy and imagination; encouraging our children to become inquisitive and creative learners.


Our Creative Curriculum aims to deliver a vibrant, dynamic and forward thinking curriculum that will equip each of our children with the skills required to be global ambassadors for all that is good in the world; and positive advocates for the power of learning, questioning, growing and aspiring. 


We want our school, and our curriculum to be a hub of excellence; where diversity and individuality are celebrated and explored. We believe that our curriculum should be live, relevant and engaging - meaning that our progress through topics, and topic choices should become more fluid and more explorative based upon the times of today.



Please note that we are busy working on improving our curriculum provision for the children and will soon be publishing our new curriculum topics. In the meantime, for more information on the national Curriculum in Primary School please follow this link: