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Kingswood update


11:16 am - The coach arrived at the ferry terminal and they were hoping to get an earlier crossing.

3:30 pm - They all arrived safely and were settling in to some activities!

A great first day was had by all. Activities included zipwire, team challenge and a quiz.

There was a hot chocolate to end before bedtime.



A hearty breakfast was had by all!

Today was team challenge - they all supported each other and worked collaboratively.

Room inspection went well with Sergeant Reed in charge.

Everyone scored well in archery!


A good but wet day today! Laser quest was a bit hit especially as it was inside!

Later in the day they were preparing for a night time beach fire. I'm not sure how easy it will be to light but I'm sure they will have fun.

Mrs Kirby reported back that they were all having a great time and have been very well behaved!



All is well... one more sleep to go.

Activities haven't stopped even though it has been a little damp. Mrs Reed quoted 'There comes a time when you just can't get any wetter'.

It is team tech this morning then go karting and Jacob's ladder. Aeroball and abseiling are later on today.

The beach camp fire is now tonight... I guess it was a bit wet last night. The sun is shining...yippee.


It took some time this morning to shower, have breakfast and clear rooms out but they eventually made it.

This morning was abseiling and other fun activities.

Not long now and they will be on their way back.


As soon as we hear from them we will let you know the expected time of arrival.


After an emotional farewell they are on the coach and leaving Kingswood. They have all had a fantastic time. They are looking forward to coming home but don't really want to leave.


Next update will be when they get off the ferry.


They are safely off the ferry and on their way.

The driver has given an estimated time of arrival of 3:30 - 4pm


As the path is narrow outside school could we request that all parents gather in the hall. This will give us chance to get the children and luggage off the coach safely.

Thank you.


All arrived safely back. Good luck with the emptying of the bags and suitcases. The washing machines could be a little busy this weekend.

I'm sure they will all have exciting tales to tell and they will all sleep well tonight.