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Minstead updates 2016

We have arrived on Day 1...


We will keep you up to date at the end of each day to let you know about all the wonderful adventures we are having!

Wednesday morning:

Everyone slept well after their exciting first day. The girls were up first and raring to go. The boys slept in! Ms Bidois is joining them today and will put an entry on the website at the end of the day. We are all looking forward to another fantastic day. 


Wednesday evening:

I have just returned home after spending a fantastic day down at Minstead. I got there just as breakfast was starting and the children enjoyed tucking into cereal, bacon and eggs, toast and fruit juice. There was also honey made by the Minstead bees for the children to try. Everyone ate a hearty breakfast. At the end of breakfast we all made our own lunch - a healthy and very tasty wrap.

Next came 'Muck moving' - helping out with the composting in the garden area, and 'Aquatic adventure' - pond dipping and exploring the life under the water. Both activities kept us all very busy and helped us to work up a good appetite ready for the wraps that we had made earlier.

After lunch we set off 'the bog'! It was a long walk and very hot in the afternoon sun, but with lots of stops for water we made it. Once we had discussed the bog and learned a bit about it, it was time for a bog walk. Off came the wellies and the socks and in they went. Who would have thought you could have that much fun running around in a bog. There was a lot of screaming and giggling - I'm sure any wildlife must have gone into hiding! Most came out looking a little damp, but some had really gone to town and had mud up to their waists! There were a few squelchy wellies on the walk back to the centre!

After a bit of a clean up it was time for tea - pasta bake, garlic bread and salad followed by fresh fruit salad. It went down a treat.

I left at 6.00 to make my way home wishing I could stay for longer. The children still had a surprise to look forward to, followed by hot chocolate and cookies before bed. They will definitely sleep tonight!

I can assure you they are all having a ball and loving every minute - even the staff!

School for me tomorrow, but the fun will just go on down at Minstead - I'm so jealous.

Ms Bidois

Thursday morning:

All well last night and they are looking forward to another great day today. Watch out for the update tonight from Mr Roebuck.


What a great day we all had today and the weather was perfect. It was lovely returning to Minstead. I arrived for a popular breakfast of beans and toast before room inspections and starting the days activities. The rooms were all given top marks and they children were on track for using the least electricity and water on record.

Mrs Reynolds and I took a group to explore the pond life in the grounds and we caught a variety of creatures and bugs including some dragonfly nymphs and newts. We then took them inside and used microscopes and keys to identify them.

We then had a good time with some chalks and decorated the yard with our pond art work.

Have a look below for some of the creations!

The afternoon started with a treasure hunt in the grounds. With tummies rumbling, it was then time to make our own pizzas using some ingredients picked from the grounds and cooked in a pizza oven while they watched. They were delicious.

I stayed on for the camp fire at the end and sadly had to leave as more stories were being

told and songs being sung. I think they will sleep well tonight!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5

Friday morning:

Everyone slept well last night - not a peep from them after lights out!!

They are all looking forward to their final morning of activities, but not so sure they will enjoy getting packed up and tidying their dorms before they leave. 

They are looking forward to seeing you there at 1.30 pm for pick up, so please try not to be late! I'm sure they will be full of tales of their week over the weekend - enjoy.