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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school!
Our staff for 2016/17
Headteacher  - Ms Sarah Bidois

Deputy headteacher - Mr David Roebuck

Admin Officer - Ms Catherine Cartwright

Admin Assistant - Mrs Kate Noot



Teaching staff


Mrs Fletcher - Hedgehog class (Year R)

Mr Roebuck - Badger class (Year 1/2)

Mrs Reed - Robin class (Year 3/4)

Mrs Windsor / Mrs Duggan - Eagle class (Year 5/6)


LSA / Support staff (2016/17)


Mrs Forsyth (Hedgehog class)

Mrs Boot (Badger class)

Mrs Jarvis/Mrs Cunningham (Robin class)

Mrs Gravenor/Mrs Webb (Eagle class)

Mrs Jarvis (Speech and Language support)

Mrs Webb (ELSA)



Mrs Forsyth

Mrs MacBean

Mrs Hawkeswood

Breakfast Club


Mrs MacBean


Hampshire Music Service


Mrs Woolsey (Woodwind)

Mr Needham (Brass and Keyboard)

Mr Munday (Guitar)

Kitchen staff


Mrs Hibdige

Mrs Paddock

Caretaker / Cleaner


Mrs Hawkeswood