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Welcome to our Eagle Class page for 2021/22! Have a look at our Autumn 1 Newsletter which highlights all of our exciting learning for this half term.....and introduces our new Learning Adventure!

What a wonderful start to the year in Eagle class!


We have all crossed the Atlantic and jumped enthusiastically into our new learning adventure called ‘The American Dream’. We have bonded as a new class and settled back into school life during our first lessons and play. Enjoy reading about a few of the exciting projects that we have already started – we have done so much in only 5 days!


New York landscapes – Art

After exploring and researching the famous landmarks of New York City, we studied the unique skyline of the great city. We were challenged to create our own atmospheric skyline with a range of media. Using pastels for the background and very careful drawing for the foreground, we have started phase one of our art work.

George – “It was really cool that we got to draw the New York skyline and use our creativeness!”

Sienna – “I loved learning new facts about New York!”


Space Race! – Science

This half term we are racing through our solar system exploring the sun, planets, stars and moons! We started by sharing what we already know and thinking of questions that we want to find out. Here are some of our questions which we want to explore over this topic:

Elias – “I want to find out about all of the planets, especially how hot or cold they are!”

Mason – “I am excited to discover whether there has ever been any real alien sightings!”

Henry – “I know that they are taking samples from the surface of Mars – I want to know what they find”

Hands on maths and remarkable reflections

Over the course of this week we have explored numbers up to 1 million using different equipment, images and tricky problems! We have also tried really hard to reflect at the end of each lesson on our learning using a traffic light system. How does reflecting help us?

Nicholas – “Reflecting helps both us and the teachers understand how confident we feel about our work”

Owen – “We can be truthful about the parts that we found easier and harder”