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Remote Learning at King's Somborne C of E

Remote Education (Up to April 2022)

Welcome to our Remote Learning Information Page! Here we hope to provide you with some information as to how we are managing our Remote Learning provision at King's Somborne C of E.


At King's Somborne C of E, we believe that a remote learning provision must meet some specific needs for our children and families. We believe that it needs to be flexible, with a huge number of factors influencing how a family can engage with daily learning, and we believe that it needs to be interactive. Our aim is to replicate the daily interactions and learning journeys of a school day as best we possibly can. This means that we use a variety of different mediums to best support our children and their families with their learning. For some this may mean that we print packs, for others, their lack of access to learning opportunities or IT equipment at home may mean they are in school, whilst for others it will be through our Virtual Classrooms hosted on Microsoft Teams.


Our aim is to try and support each of our families with their own personal circumstance, as we know a singular approach will not work for everyone. Instead, a considered, flexible and curriculum led approach means that we can work with our families to find the support that best works for them and their child. We try to ensure that our learning journeys continue remotely, just as they would in school. In order to this, our staff are incredibly creative, and our Virtual Classroom is initially introduced in school to ensure a smooth transition should any factors lead to it becoming required. In the event of this provision being required, and as per Hampshire guidance, teachers have prepared two days of learning for children to complete independently, whilst they plan and prepare for the continuation of the learning journey from that 3rd day. As you can imagine, plans need to be adapted for a Virtual Classroom, as learning may not take place the same way as it would in a physical classroom.


In order to further understand our provision, and get a glimpse as to how it works, I have attached some key communications shared with parents this year. If you ever have any further questions about our provision then please do get in touch.