King's Somborne C of E Primary School

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Twisted Tales - OpenBox Theatre Company


In the afternoon on Friday 5th July, we were treated to an incredible performance of two well known fairy tales but with a twist! Kenn and Iain from OpenBox Theatre Company captivated us with their amazing acting skills - we all laughed and smiled so much!


Look at some of the incredible scenes! 

Walk like an Egyptian!


On Friday 5th July, we were visited by OpenBox Theatre Company who took us back to Ancient Egypt! We learnt so much about their daily lives including how someone’s job was to pick up poo - urgh! 

Election Day


Democracy in action! It doesn't matter whether you are on your tippy toes to reach or tower over the voting table, everyone gets a vote and every vote counts. What would you choose?

Sports Day - Standing Jump!

On Tuesday 4th June, we had our Sports Day. In the morning, we completed lots of different activities in our house teams including the Standing Jump! In the afternoon, we completed a relay race, a sprint race and a long distance race (if we wanted to!). We had such a wonderful day that was finished off with a yummy ice lolly!


Look at our amazing jumping skills!

The Lost Words


We have been exploring The Lost Words by Robert Macfarlane and Jackie Morris in our English lessons. This is a spell book about different objects that could become lost from people’s vocabulary. 
We created our own poems based on possible objects that could be ‘lost’ - which plant or creature would you have chosen? 
We hope you enjoy our acrostic poems - Miss Smith thinks they are fab and she has taken pictures of a few!

Visit from Andy Hussey


We had a fantastic afternoon on World Book Day with Andy Hussey. We chose that we would like him to share his story ‘ There’s No Deer Around Here’

We loved joining in the story with Andy and we thought about a possible story that might involve a stick. We loved colouring with Andy as well!

World Book Day! 

Wow look how fabulous we all look today! Can you guess which books we link to? Some of them you might need to think a little about…

Railway Safety…


On 23rd February, we had a visit from Marsha from Network Rail who taught up so much about the railway. We learnt that trains travel at a phenomenal 125mph! We also learnt that a train weighs 400 tonnes and that they take 1 and a quarter miles to be able to stop. We discussed the importance of crossing a railway line safely, paying attention to the signals close to the railway line. 

Muddily Good!


On 21st February, some of us went on a very wet and muddy outdoor learning experience at West Tytherley School. We had a wonderful time but we did get very wet! A special thank you to Mrs Stanley and Ms Meeker for taking us.

Rovers Ready!


Look how fabulous our Mars Rovers are! We worked so hard on these and they look so wonderful! Let’s hope they are ready for exploring.

Rover Engineers! 

In Robins class, we have shown how amazing we are at being engineers when we were building our Mars Rovers. We had to think carefully about how we could attach them so they looked exactly how we had planned. What do you think to our building skills?

Bone shakers!

We have been learning all about the skeleton and the purpose of some of the bones within our skeleton. We then moved onto animal skeletons - we matched animals to their skeletons, we matched types of animals to their descriptions and we labelled different animals! We are super scientists.

5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Blast Off!


On Monday 22nd January, we had some very special visitors! Kenn and Iain from OpenBox Theatre Company came in to teach us all about Space! We loved sharing our knowledge with them as well as finding out even more about the mission to the Moon. 
You will be pleased to hear that we are now fully qualified Space Cadets! 

A Very Important Visitor...

We were very lucky this half term because we were visited by Father Christmas! 
He came and we shared with him about our Christmas Jumpers (as we were wearing them that day as well!) and he gave us all a little gift. 

We were very lucky!

Shh... The Performance is about to start!

We felt so lucky to be able to go and watch the KS1 Nativity inspired by the Jolly Postman. 
We thought they were so fantastic and we were so proud of them.

Soil Investigators!

We have been using our careful observation skills to look at the properties of soil. We could identify some key similarities and differences between each type of soil!

Angels, Angels Everywhere!

In our RE learning, we had been learning all about Angels so Miss Smith set us a secret mission! We had to go to the church and find as many Angels as possible - Mrs Stanley could barely keep up with the number of angels we were finding. Look how many we found!

Wow! Look at our Angels!

We thought about angels and we had to draw what we imagined. When you think of an angel, does it look anything like we have drawn?

Sunning it up in Robins!

During our English lesson on 1st November, we were told to relax and get comfy. Miss Smith told us that we needed to use our listening ears, we had to close our eyes so we could imagine things based on what we heard. 

We listened to sounds and shared the scene we could imagine. George imagined white cliffs, whereas Tommy could see a shipwreck in a storm. 

Look how serene we look!

Football Fanatics!

We have been thoroughly enjoying our football lessons with Mr Sparrow. We have learnt lots of skills and have been applying these within football matches!