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Pupil Premium Statement 2016/17

Please read the information below which gives details of our Pupil Premium Grant and how we allocate the funding.

Pupil Premium funding 2015/16


2014 - 15

On the whole, our pupil premium children achieve better than their cohort counterparts and often make above average progress.


At the end of KS2 all pupils (3) achieved level 4 and above. One pupil achieved level 5 in Writing, Maths and Reading making more than expected progress in reading. One pupil made expected progress in writing, maths and reading and another exceeded progress in writing and maths making 7 sub levels progress and 9 sub-levels progress in reading.


At the end of KS1, 1 pupil achieved a level 2b in reading and writing and a 2a in maths (national expectation 2B at end of KS1) however made 6 steps progress in writing, 7 steps in maths and 9 steps in reading under the new national curriculum framework. (6 steps progress expected each year)


In other year groups...

In reading, 9 pupils reached expected progress and 4 were above expected progress.

In writing, 7 pupils reached expected progress, and 3 were above expected progress.

In maths 7 pupils reached expected progress and 5 were above expected progress.

Where expected progress was not met (1 in reading, 3 in writing and 2 in maths), those pupils are receiving continued support to meet their needs.