King's Somborne C of E Primary School

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Science is used as a further way of celebrating awe and wonder at King's Somborne C of E. It is one of our core subjects, but it also forms the basis for numerous different Learning Adventures across our curriculum. By browsing our Learning Adventures, you will see that some Adventures are directly influenced by topics within the science curriculum, whilst at other times it can form an integral part of our continued exploration of a topic. For example, The American Dream in Year 5/6 is our Learning Adventure, with the Space Race being a topic of discovery. This links perfectly with our exploration of Earth and Space and blends well with our science curriculum. At other times, our science topics maybe taught more discretely and stand alone - allowing our children tore ally consolidate an understanding of a concept in a very calculated way. Our progression of skills means that we are always looking at ways to build and consolidate our understanding, enabling our children to make considered links between different scientific concepts, as well as to science's place in the world and our every day lives.

At all times, science is thought with subject purity in mind. Even whilst exploring The American Dream, our children will not simply learn about the Space Race, but they will learn about what it means to be a scientist, use scientific enquiry, and develop the key skills required to both carry out an experiment or explore a scientific concept or hypothesis. We want our children to experience being scientists both now and in the future. 


We believe that our science curriculum broadens our children's scientific understanding and develops their knowledge and understanding of the world. It also deepens their reverence and awe at our worldly wonders, and provides them with key scientific skills and enquiry. Our scientific exploration gives our children a voice by allowing them to ask questions, and explore their own answers.