King's Somborne C of E Primary School

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Hello Robin Class! Welcome back - we are so looking forward to introducing you to our new Learning Adventures, and exploring some fantastic people, places and topics this year! Have a look at our Newsletters to see what we will be up to over the weeks ahead.

Our Scaly Visitor...


We were very lucky on Friday 20th January, to be visited by a scaly, desert animal! We thought carefully about different desert animals that might be able to visit us - we thought maybe a gecko or a lizard. 


Mrs Clark and Sophia (her daughter) brought in their bearded dragon for us to see. We were able to stroke the dragon and ask lots of questions about how to care for them. 

Garrowby Hill - David Hockney Inspired Artwork


We have been looking at a piece of artwork by David Hockney called Garrowby Hill. We used this piece of artwork as it had a similar theme to our whole school text 'The Misadventures of Frederick'

We focused on using soft pastels to create our own version of Garrowby Hill. We had a small section of the piece to focus on recreating. We used our techniques such as blending and line making. 


Look at our individual pieces and how amazing it looks altogether.

Robins' Garrowby Hill

Fabulous Freeze Frames!


What a wonderful Christmas break we all had! We spent time in our English lesson on Wednesday 4th January thinking about our favourite moment in the Christmas break. We thought about how this moment made us feel and how we would show this emotion on our face!

We then created freeze frames for these favourite moments - can you work out our favourite moments? Some of them take a lot of creative thought. 

A Special Visitor!


On Friday 9th December, we were visited by a very special visitor! He wanted to ensure that we had been good this year and we were able to ask him lots of questions that have always intrigued us - such as 'How does your sleigh manage to carry all the presents?'

.... Have you guessed who our visitor was?!


You've got it! Father Christmas came to visit us, with the help of two of his trusty elves. We felt very lucky to have received such fantastic gifts and enjoy exploring them all afternoon!

Georgia O'Keeffe Inspired Artwork


We explored Georgia O'Keeffe's artwork as a means to show our amazing watercolour skills. We looked at her artwork as she liked to paint flowers especially poppies. 


Look at our amazing poppies!

Remembrance Service


On Friday 11th November, we went and stood by the monument to pay our respects to the soldiers who have given their lives and those who are still working to defend our country. We sang a beautiful rendition of 'In Flanders Field' led by the marvellous Mrs Cartwright.


Some children in Wren class shared some wonderful poems with us based on the importance and symbolism of the poppy. Their poems are in this collection of images. 


We have created a whole school art project based on poppies which will be on display. 

Scottish and Southern Electricity Visit

We had a visit from Scottish and Southern Electricity this morning. We learned about the dangers of electricity and how electricity travels to our homes.


Check out Miss Smith pretending to be a windmill in the journey of electricity in the clip below!

Electricity to Our Home

Still image for this video

Superb Solar Farm!

On Tuesday 1st November, we were lucky enough to visit Eveley Solar Farm, albeit after a slight drama with the coach! We had a visit from Tracy who works with Earth Education Trust who taught us about solar cells. We explored making a circuit work with solar cells and different features such as lights, buzzers or motors. We then had a look at volt meters to work out the strength of the sunlight in different places. Whilst at the Solar Farm, we learnt lots about how a solar panel is made and why they are so important. 

Autumn 1

Mrs Cartwright's Art Club Exhibition

The children who have been attending Mrs Cartwright's art club held their art exhibition on Wednesday 19th October. They loved showing around their parents and carers and talking about the different techniques they used to create their art work.
They created some truly amazing imaginative pieces!

Easter Island Sculptures

During our 'Island Life' learning adventure, we have been exploring Easter Island and the sculptures that are scattered around the island. We used these to create our own sculpture!

Puzzling challenge

During our RE learning, Miss Smith gave us the challenge of completing an activity without giving us any instructions. We worked out it was origami however, we didn't know the method to make the object. We then spoke about how God provides Christians with instructions on how to live their life and how to look after his world. We were very grateful when Miss Smith provided us with the instructions!

Typing away!

We have been thoroughly enjoying our computing lessons, where so far, we have learnt how to log-on successfully and how to log out correctly. Today, we have been practicing our typing skills using Dance Mat Typing! We had such a fun time and became more confident using the keyboard. 

Remembering Her Majesty

We spent some time on Friday 9th September learning about the Queen and about her passing. We created a commemorative stamp using things that we thought the Queen would like. We also described the Queen and filled a template of her head with words we thought best described her. 

Rest In Peace Your Majesty, we are so grateful for all you have done for us.