King's Somborne C of E Primary School

Love - Trust - Hope - Joy


Our intent is to provide our children with learning opportunities that develop a sense of curiosity, resilience and aspiration. We want them to question how and why things happen in music, and to explore the meaning of key vocabulary like: duration, dynamics, pitch, tempo, texture and structure. With this, we also want to foster a love and appreciation for a variety of genres of music, and provide them with opportunities to experience learning different instruments over their time at King's Somborne C of E, from the ukulele, to the flute or African drum. We also place a large emphasis on singing, both as part of our Collective Worship, and as part of our in class curriculum - even in our MFL curriculum where we explore songs in French!


As part of the implementation of our Music curriculum at King's Somborne C of E we worked in partnership with Hampshire Music Services to adapt a scheme of work that would best support the needs of our children. We teach Music directly in both KS1 and KS2 and also provide our EYFS children with opportunities to explore music in a variety of ways. We believe that all children should have access to a rich and broad curriculum, that allows them to explore and discover, whilst building upon the expertise of specialists.


In essence, the impact of our curriculum is for our children to become confident and explorative musicians - musicians who learn to be resilient and enjoy trying new things, in the hope that we will ignite a passion and an interest in some of our learners that will inspire a future career in music.


Learning a instrument can also be very challenging, as can teaching a subject that may not be an area of expertise, with resilience being a key element. As a school with no professional musicians on our teaching staff, we take this as an opportunity to model our own resilience in learning with our children - supporting one another, and embracing the learning adventure together. We also utilise the skills of each and every staff member, with non teaching staff also helping to run choir clubs and singing practice each week - leading to brilliant teamwork and collaboration. Whole school opportunities to celebrate our learning include Remembrance Day, where we collectively stop, remember and show our appreciation through our fantastic learning and appreciation for the importance of music in dictating mood and creating atmosphere.


Our Music curriculum equips us with music skills, but also allows us to explore different worlds, people and places - with topics varying from 'Mystic Moments' to 'Volcanoes.' Our children and staff often learn and explore together, something that we feel is very important. Through our Listen to Me provision, which is led by Hampshire Music Services, we always ensure that we upskill ourselves and the children in being able to deliver high quality in class provisions. As a learning school, we believe in providing our children and staff with opportunities to learn and develop our skills regularly - music gives us a great opportunity to do this.


Our curriculum inspires curiosity, enables our children to aspire for more, and supports them in becoming resilient learners