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Keeping Safe

At King's Somborne C of E, we want to keep you happy and safe. If ever you feel unsafe, then please do speak to a trusted adult. This might be your teacher, classroom assistant or any other member of staff at school, or a parent or carer at home. At school we have 4 Safeguarding leads too (people that are trained to help to keep you safe and know what to do to try and help you) in Mr O'Brien, Ms Cartwright, Ms Marten and Mrs Boot.


We put lots of measures in place in school to support your welfare, and did you know that we have a Wellbeing Team that consists of Mrs Jarvis and Mrs Boot too? Whilst all staff members will want to help you, Mrs Boot and Mrs Jarvis might have some great ideas to make you feel better, or might be able to talk through any problems with you. You might even have some ideas for us? Let us know! 


Remember that we want to help, so speak to us, and let us know if there is ever anything that we can do to support you. You might think that a school is just about learning, but not for us! We think that you really matter, and in order to best help you with your learning, we have to make sure that you are first ready to learn. We even talk about it in our Teaching and Learning Policy!


However, there may also be times that you might want to speak to someone that isn't one of your trusted adults at home or in school. At times like this there are a few options, such as Childline. You can call them for free on 0800 1111 or you can visit their website at


We are here for you, and will plan lots of different activities over the course of the year to help to keep you safe. We work with the NSPCC to promote their 'Speak Out, Stay Safe' campaign ( and we also do a lot to support you with E-Safety. We know, like you, that it is just so important to stay safe when we are online. This is a great link to help you to try and stay safe online:


If you are ever worried about something that you may have seen online, or have any questions then please do talk to us. Remember, we care, and you matter.


Clever Never Goes!

The NSPCC - Speak Out. Stay Safe. (July 2022)