King's Somborne C of E Primary School

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MFL - French

Our subject intent is to provide our children with learning opportunities that develop a sense of curiosity, whilst also broadening their horizons and further celebrating diversity and inclusion. As part of our approach to, and implementation of, Modern Foreign Languages at King's Somborne C of E we teach French using a scheme of work produced by la Jolie Ronde. This takes place in Key Stage 2. This learning is then integrated in to some of our Learning Adventures, giving our children the opportunity to explore more about France as a country as opposed to just a language. 


Learning a new language can also be very challenging, with resilience being a key element. As a school with no professional French speaker, we take this as an opportunity to model our own resilience in learning with our children - supporting one another, and embracing the learning adventure together. This also models our aspirations, and shows that we can all learn, at any point in our life, and that this outlook is something that will help you to achieve in all that you do.


The impact of our MFL curriculum is that it equips us with language skills, but also allows us to explore different worlds, people and places. Our children explore the difficulties in arriving to a country with no understanding of the language - with our study of French also often leading us to conversations around migration, asylum seeking and the concept of a refugee. As with our curriculum in general, we want French to be a vehicle that equips our children with skills, but also broadens their horizons and outlook.


Our curriculum inspires curiosity, enables our children to aspire for more, and supports them in becoming resilient learners